Cal .45

The Advanced Nitrogen Plastic Welding System Design Based on the 1911 Military Service Weapon
Powerful - Minimal Parts - Serviceable On-site - Maximum Reliability - Lower cost
Full Control Plastic Welding - Quick Connect  "Plug and Play" Components - Easy On-site Repair - Three Year Warranty Exchange

My name is Jim Jordan


As a Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot, I carried a service weapon.

My choice was the Colt M1911A1 .45 caliber,  unchanged since

it was introduced over one hundred years ago.


I sold, serviced and trained nitrogen plastic welding systems

for several years and saw several new welders come on the market.
I understood the importance of plastic repair to the collision industry

and felt that the demand would continue.


Each of the brands I sold shared a common problem!

They were far too complex, extremely difficult to repair
on site, full of off shore parts, and way overpriced!


In 2014, I made the decision to design and build a welder

using the build concepts of the Colt .45 I carried during my service


Simple Elegant design.

Plenty of Power.

Easily Repaired even in adverse conditions.

Very few working parts.

American Made.

Reasonably Priced.

Made to last.



Cal .45 is 100% Veteran Owned -100% Veteran Staffed - 100% American Made
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