Cal .45

The Advanced Nitrogen Plastic Welding System Design Based on the 1911 Military Service Weapon
Powerful - Minimal Parts - Serviceable On-site - Maximum Reliability - Lower cost
Full Control Plastic Welding - Quick Connect  "Plug and Play" Components - Easy On-site Repair - Three Year Warranty Exchange

Simplicity - Elegance in Design

All brands require air flow over
the Tungsten Heating Element
( Running without air or nitrogen flow will cause
the element to overheat and burnout)
The Cal.45 solved that problem!

Industry Unique Patented On-Board  Air Supply
Cal.45  on board air is switched on at start up

No need to tie up your shop compressed air line.

No need to remember to hook up air first.
No risk to forget and burnout the torch
Its automatic!


Functionality - Fully Controllable

Critical for variable thickness - low and high temp
plastic alloys and future plastic development.

Controllable Air flow - Controllable heat - Ergonomic torch design - Minimal Foot print - "Clean Box" Rod Storage


Value Based Pricing

Simple design means less cost so we pass

the savings on to you.








Cal .45 is 100% Veteran Owned -100% Veteran Staffed - 100% American Made
Marketing Cape Neddick, Maine * Manufacturing Santa Ana 949.400.2066

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