Cal .45

The Advanced Nitrogen Plastic Welding System Design Based on the 1911 Military Service Weapon
Powerful - Minimal Parts - Serviceable On-site - Maximum Reliability - Lower cost
Full Control Plastic Welding - Quick Connect  "Plug and Play" Components - Easy On-site Repair - Three Year Warranty Exchange

Component Parts are U/L Listed - Sourced in the United States


Simple Design
Solid state components (about seven in all)


Quick Connect - Plug and Play
The Cal.45 supply cable is "Plug and Play"

Any damage requiring replacement an be solved
on site. Simply overnight the assembly and install

in about 30 seconds..


Patented Automatic AIR ON

The Cal .45 has an on-board air system that
starts immediately when you switch the welder on.

No need to remember to plug in shop air
 No need to tie up a shop airline

No risk of a burned out heat element


Aircraft Grade Cable
No more costly tears and leaks in the air/nitrogen
delivery cable.



Cal .45 is 100% Veteran Owned -100% Veteran Staffed - 100% American Made
Marketing Cape Neddick, Maine * Manufacturing Santa Ana 949.400.2066

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