Cal .45

The Advanced Nitrogen Plastic Welding System Design Based on the 1911 Military Service Weapon
Powerful - Minimal Parts - Serviceable On-site - Maximum Reliability - Lower cost
Full Control Plastic Welding - Quick Connect  "Plug and Play" Components - Easy On-site Repair - Three Year Warranty Exchange

Three Year Warranty
Absolutely THE BEST across the industry

Unique Warranty Exchange Pool


Should a Cal .45 become unusable from normal service during the

first three years from purchase, we will exchange your

welder and replace it with the current model including

any new features or modifications.


Damage from miss-use or neglect is not covered.


Where possible a "Plug and Play" replacement part

will be exchanged.


Freight and or overnight charges will apply.



Cal .45 is 100% Veteran Owned and 100% Veteran Staffed located at
3400 W Warner Ave # A, Santa Ana, CA 92704 Phone: (714) 641-1432 Pacific Time Zone

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